Who are we

Zhejiang Prism Culture Media Co., Ltd. (Prism Entertainment) is a high-tech culture media company integrated the production,presents and market operation of holographic contents.

The holographic business covers “cultural tourism, cultural entertainment, virtual dimension, parent-child education, panoramic holographic theatre" and so on. Now, world's first holographic theatre: Prism Entertainment -Panoramic Holographic Theatre has been established in Hangzhou, which creates a 360-degree “super immersive” virtual reality cultural and artistic experience for users. Currently, Prism Entertainment owns the IP of three Chinese superstar idols, i.e. the exclusive holographic copyrights of Leslie Cheung and BEYOND, and the right for operating the holograhic concert of “Teresa Teng ·The Legend” 



Address:Floor 6, Building E, Wasu Industrial Park, No.79 Changjiang Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou

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