Commercial Cooperation

With world's exclusive top IP and jointly created by outstanding teams at home and abroad, the company covers four business areas, i.e. entertainment, tourism, education, and technology and opens up new visual communication and creative leisure and entertainment. Cooperation methods include but are not limited to hologram concerts, virtual idol brand spokespersons, and joint development of peripheral derivatives.

Channel Cooperation

A complete set of three-dimensional dispersion system with integrated and complementary online and offline platform, and introduction of ticketing platform, OTA scenic spots cooperation and living service platform has been developed to enhance the sound entertainment and consumption scene with innovative culture and technology.

Cooperation with Scenic Areas

The company focuses on the entrance to the scenic areas where tourists flow is high and cooperated with tourist attractions nationwide in the cultural innovation and technological innovation items. It has created holographic musicals related to the theme of local tourism culture, built a new brand for tourism culture, and become a model benchmark of culture + technology + tourism.

Cooperation with Theaters

The company has built nationwide theater system- Prism Entertainment Panoramic Holographic Theater that boasts 360-degree “super-immersive” virtual reality cultural and artistic experience and is futuristic, interactive and comparable to Hollywood science fiction blockbuster in visual effect. It cooperated with theaters in top box office cities and cultural tourism attractions in China in infrastructure investment, theater design and operation, cooperated with local government and enterprises where the theater was located and built new urban landmarks for the cities. So far, the first panoramic holographic theater in the world has been built in Hangzhou.

Cooperation with Ticket Agents

Shows are put on everyday, quality routes are the first choice. We are sincerely recruiting ticket agents with trade price. Please call us for details.


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